Meet the Team


Danielle Braun-Kauffman

Founder/Therapist MAMFT, RCC

I’ve always known that I would be a therapist one day because I believe this profession chose me from the time I was very young...


Loraine Klassen

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

Change is possible for everyone, and my focus is on empowering my client to experience this change...


Julia Wiens

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

Having been on my own journey of healing and still continuing movement towards change, vulnerability, and authenticity...


Kara Phelan

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

As an experientially oriented therapist, it is my firm belief that growth and positive change is possible for every person ...


Danielle MacKenzie

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

My journey into this space of holistic and integrative nutrition began when my oldest son was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes...


Melissa Federau

Intern Therapist

My journey to becoming a therapist has been unexpected and a slow unfolding over time that
came as no surprise to those around me…


Lorraine Reimer

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

As a counsellor with a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, I approach working with clients through a systemic lens...


Breanna Giesbrecht

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

My journey to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist began with my studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario...


Brandi Matheson

Re.Pose Mindfulness Practitioner

My journey into a stillness began back in 2011 when I was approached by the non-for-profit organization that I had...


Charmaine Bond

Junior Associate

I was drawn to become a counsellor because of my deep-felt love for people and my desire to see people grow into their fullest potential.


Beth Scholes

Intern Therapist

I enjoy working with people to facilitate growth and change. Therapy has made a big difference in my own life, and I was drawn to become a therapist due to my extroverted personality and my empathic, caring nature…

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Teresa McLellen

Therapist MACP, RCC, CCTP

My passion can be summed up with the intersection of psychology and spirituality. I am fascinated with the depth of human experience…


Kathryn Morelli

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

I have known for most of my life that I was called to become a counsellor. As I pursued my Bachelor’s in Psychology and then..

Carolyn Goossen

Lead Yoga Teacher/Yoga Director

Carolyn’s yoga journey stems from a longing for a deeper connection to her own body. While healing from a traumatic brain...


Gabriel Torrealba

Therapist MAMFT, RCC

For the past decade and a half, I have felt a conviction and calling to the helping profession. Beginning with an undergraduate...


Deanne Matthews

Re.Pose Yoga Teacher

Deanne has been a friend of Re.Pose since it began, practicing yoga here and then completing her Yoga Teacher Training...


Maija McLean

Therapist RSW, CCC

It has been my experience in the world that change is always possible, and that human beings have an inherent ability to heal and transform when they feel safe, heard, and connected...