Prenatal & Post-Partum

The area of prenatal and postpartum health is often somewhat neglected emotionally. This time of life can feel raw, vulnerable, and scary, while at the same time exciting and exhilarating. Often when we enter this prenatal stage, or even start considering the idea of starting a family, past concerns can revisit us in new ways. This “revisiting” happens in many ways through memory we are aware of, and through our body memory which we may not have awareness of. Science is showing us more and more that not only do we carry memory in our brain, it also exists within the cells of our body. Since this stage of life involves so much from our body, things often start to surface. This makes prenatal loss incredibly complex and difficult. As a loss that is not readily acknowledged in our society, the journey can be confusing, and create lots of new and different body sensations and emotions. Each person experiences a different journey through grief; what each person needs is a space held for them, as they make sense of what this painful experience means in their life.

Our therapists collaborate to find creative and compassionate pathways through these new and difficult seasons of life. You may find birth art to be a helpful way to access what is in the way of unresolved concerns, EMDR to deal with past birth or other trauma, or traditional talk therapy as a way to hold safe space and discover what you need in this new season of life.