Essential Oil Testimonial


My journey with essential oils started five years ago. Yes, before that I probably gargled and gagged down some oil of oregano when I was battling a bad cold but five years ago, I wasn’t battling a bad cold; I was battling for my life.

Unbeknownst to me at the end of an amazing summer, a virus was coming alive and starting to spread in my body…it got so far that it got to the very last lining of my brain and thankfully it stopped there, but not without it having lasting effects on my health, especially my head.

The following weeks after my traumatic brain injury, I needed various types of medications to alleviate the pain. I was taking medications throughout most of the day to keep the pain at a tolerable level. I was so thankful when a thoughtful woman offered me a bottle of essential oil as another option for helping with my headache pain. I used it immediately and, in addition to feeling relief because of the affect of the oil, I had greater relief because of the hope and choice it gave me for my pain. I still carry that bottle of oil with me to this day.

My recovery has not been quick or easy. It has been long and it is not over. It has been a physical recovery, but as I have come to get to know and befriend my pain, I have also been introduced to other aspects of myself that also needed to recover: yes-­‐ my body, but also my heart, my mind and my soul. I not only carry one bottle of about essential oil with me now, I carry several. That first bottle, it gave me choice to help curb the headache pain when it flares, but the others? They help give me choice when I have pain that is not only physical, in my head. There are times when I have needed to calm or still my mind, when the pain in my head could only be at ease when another part of my body could be at stillness so I had to learn to bring my own body parts into connection with each other. Even more broadly, I had to learn how to re-­‐connect, owning this different, more sensitized body; with others, in a new way. I am so thankful that essential oils have been a part of this flowing, connection journey of healing as well, as a complementary therapy.